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Marleisha Rubin

Footsteps2Brilliance-App to help kids learn to read!!



Our district has another wonderful resource for your kids to use and it is called Footsteps2Brilliance.  This impressive APP allows students to play literacy rich games that help improve reading skills.  It's fun and its FREE, the app is available in English and Spanish. User names and passwords were sent home, so have your child login and play for at least 15 minutes a night.  You can download the app OR you can login to!  



Mrs. Rubin


All about Mrs. Rubin

Hi, my name is Mrs. Rubin and I am happy to be your son/daughter's second grade teacher.  I have been serving the education community since I graduated from college in 2001.  I believe in bringing out the BEST in every child, I want them to know that in my class they can!  Once students know they can then their natural abilities begin to shine.  My motto is if you believe it then you can achieve it.  Besides working hard as a teacher I am also a wife and a mother.  My family is not just my life they are LIFE, they are the reasons why I do and say the things that I do.  My daughter's Brylei and Baylei are so energetic, smart and sassy.  They make this busy life worth while, often times they remind me to take the time and just be.  So let me encourage each and every parent to do the same.  Sometimes all our kids need is US to sit and listen to them and to just be with them.  Thank you so much for entrusting me with your son/daughter.  


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